Thursday, May 16, 2013

From Online Dating to Google Glass (i)

What is the next evolutionary step of dating services?

Lavalife, OKCupid, PlentyofFish... these brands were the "household names" of online dating communities a few years back. Now, all eyes are on Tinder, Grinder, and other new and hip mobile dating applications.

Powered by local-based smartphones, these dating apps gave birth to a new social behaviour. Rather than blatantly searching for love (or a night of passion, whatever your objectives are) based merely on finding the right match, meeting new people has become a fun and immediate social adventure.

Alex and I were casually chatting technology over of a glass (possibly more than one glass) of margarita. Despite my unaccepting attitude towards Google Glass, I was fairly awed by his idealized use case of Augmented Reality dating apps.

On Tinder, whenever both parties "liked" each other, the app sends them a "It's a Match" notification and creates a spark (aka an excuse to connect... or "connect"). How can augmented reality on Google Glass take this to the next level?

I'll reveal Alex's idea and the detail our discussion in the next article. Meanwhile, feel free to give this topic some thoughts. Comments are welcome!

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