Thursday, May 9, 2013

Augmented Reality - A Personified Modern Marketer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Recently, I came across an infographic published on the Salesforce blog that spoke to me and the work I do. Working in an agency that powers emerging technologies made me realize the charming Mad Men style of advertising no longer reflects today's tech-infused industry. For those who pursued marketing/advertising as a way to bid farewell to number-crunching, The Modern Marketer: Part Artist, Part Scientist reminds us that every thing we do is ultimately a number-driven game. 

This brings us to another point – Augmented Reality is a great marketing technology. If we had to personify it, this technology would be the epitome of a modern marketer. It calls for a perfect balance between soft and hard skills. Without the artists, Augmented Reality would be a lackluster experience and a far cry from strong emotional appeal. Without the scientists, there would be a problem with creating the experience and optimizing performance (and to really spell it out for you... the technology wouldn't have existed in the first place). By combining the best of engineers, scientists, artists and strategists, the spotlight is on this modern marketer; ready to create some kickass experiences that invoke emotions and bring brands to life. 

In fact, when the agency was coming up with a tagline, they took the above points into consideration, condensed them into two words, and summed up the essence of the business: engineered art. 

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The Modern Marketer: Part Artist, Part Scientist is written by Matt Wesson, Marketing Content Specialist at Pardot.

Olivia Siu is the Marketing Director at Merchlar.

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