Monday, May 6, 2013

Sales Confidential: Augmented Reality

Reteaching years of misunderstanding.

As Vice President of Sales and Development at Merchlar. I spend a great deal of my day and time meeting with clients. After being in this business for two years, I find selling new technology more thrilling than selling rain in Dubai.

There is a stigma that surrounds two words, Augmented Reality (also known as “AR”). One Tuesday morning I walked into an initial client meeting, realizing four out of five of them were confused and looked at me as if I was from Planet X. Well then I started my presentation, introduced myself and ask if anybody knows what AR is. Guess what? Four of them shook their heads, and the fifth person replied, "Yes I do, and [AR] sucks!" To their surprises and everybody else's, they have no real idea to what AR truly is and the endless capabilities and possibilities this technology can offer. This blog will share my journey in reteaching a culture of know-it-alls, and bring them to an epiphany that they actually... don’t quite know it all. I hope you have your seat belt on, because it’s been a bump ride thus far.

Adekambi Laleye (Kambi) is the VP Sales and Development at Merchlar.

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